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Goggles for your VR projects.
Great quality reasonably priced.

We produce, assemble and design the custom vr cardboards. We know that is important to you and We care about the quality of our vr cardboards. Here are the key advantages:

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We use stiff and clean corrugated cardboard glued with custom printed high quality paper.

Cost effective packaging

All our cardboards are packed with attention into as small as possible boxes.

Finishing coat

You can choose between gloss or matt finish foil.

Best lenses

We are using high precision lenses without any distortions.


Custom designed artwork is printed with offset technology on high quality paper.

Manually assembled

Whole vr cardboard is professionally assembled and glued together.

Lenses protection

Brand new vr cardboards lenses are always protected by foil.

Custom design which will represent your idea

Create curiosity

We are offering custom printed design which can introduce your attendees into your project and make them want to experience and immerse into virutal reality world.

Easy to use templates

Drop us a message that you want to get vr cardboard template. We will send you basic project and description.

Design service

You can always ask us to make the design for you. Say more about your vr movie or app – We will help you with an idea or event whole design service.

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All our clients are very satisfied with quality of vr cardboards


Projects made for customers in Europe


Minimum order quantity for custom designed vr goggles

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